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Quality photography takes infinite patience to achieve stunning results; whether it's people or pets, there are no shortcuts.

The little fella on the right, called Rossi, looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but he was a 90 minute challenge as he systematically ran riot in the studio.  Backdrops were treated as hiding places, where he took on the appearance of Casper the friendly ghost draped in a sheet.  The camera lens hood became  a very tempting chewy toy and cushions became makeshift ragger dolls.

His owner claimed he would be  impossible to be photographed. What do you think?

Rossi Dog portrait

To ensure that each image provides the best possible quality when in print, all images are transferred to our commercial printers for final output. This provides up-close quality and a long-lasting memory of a point in time.  


ality photography takes infinite

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Newly introduced for 2013 is the offer of portraiture, either formal or informal. We have quality portable studio lighting and backdrops, that provide the perfect lighting and after all that is what photography is all about.

If you are just setting out as a photographer yourself, we provide one to one or group tuition sessions on a limited basis. Use the contact page to get in touch.


Individual tuition as low as £60 per day

Groups as little as £15 per person (maximum group size 6)

Portraiture and Lighting

Individual tuition from £95 per day

Small groups (no more than 3) from £40 per person